Our Story

Who we are and what we believe in.

We are happy to be your neighbor and proud to be your homebuilder.

We know you have a choice when selecting a Boerne home construction company and understand that this is likely the biggest purchase of your life. That’s why we are committed to honoring our relationship with each of our clients – really listening to what you want and need in a home, and what you can afford.

These are our promises to you:

  • We will never approach your project with a one-size-fits-all mentality. Yours is not a cookie-cutter family, so why should your home be?
  • We will be up front about costs and provide value engineering advice to accommodate your budgeting needs.
  • We will adhere to best practices within our industry, continuing to construct foundations and energy-efficient elements that exceed standard requirements. No cutting corners, ever.

We will remember that our reputation is everything and is inexorably tied to your satisfaction.


Co-Owner, Craig Campbell (seated right)
Craig Campbell’s primary focus is on job estimating and support of on-site supervision. A graduate of Texas Tech, he has worked in all areas of the residential and commercial building process, both in the field and in the office, since 1980.

Co-Owner, Art Brown (seated left)
Art Brown serves as project manager, overseeing subcontractors and overall construction. Since the mid-1980s, the Texas State graduate has supervised a full range of remodeling and construction projects.

Our Story

In 1993, our little corner of the Texas Hill Country was a very different place than where we live today, a town that was big on tradition but small in population. It was into this setting that Craig Campbell and Art Brown moved their own families, seeking the kind of know-your-neighbors lifestyle that was rapidly disappearing elsewhere. It was here, in the heart of Boerne, that the two set out to do what they do best: Build custom homes of superior quality, offering personal attention throughout each stage of the process.

During Campbell-Brown Construction’s first twenty years, Boerne has nearly tripled in size while holding on to its sense of history. Along with adjacent community Fair Oaks Ranch, Boerne remains the home base for a homebuilding territory that reaches as far west as Kerrville. While Craig Campbell and Art Brown now enjoy the increased experience and financial strength that go hand-in-hand with two decades of operation and help keep the business solid, they remain focused on the qualities that brought them this far: Integrity, reliability, and personalized attention.

Campbell-Brown Construction is an active supporter of the greater Boerne community and a proud member of the San Antonio Builders Association, the Texas Residential Construction Commission, and the National Association of Home Builders.

I have never had a house that is so energy efficient or so well constructed.

Boerne Texas Home Owner Testimonial Photo
Sue Cray, Homeowner

Pat yourselves on the back! You both did an excellent job!

Boerne Texas Home Owner Testimonial Photo
Gary Jennings - Homeowner

After barely surviving 2 horrendous custom home building experiences in the past 18 years we’ve learned that every custom build will come with its share of issues, it is up to the builder to make the difference and prevent these issues from becoming problems.

Art and Craig at Campbell Brown Construction did just that. They made our third time a charm and far exceeded our expectations in every way. The final product and experience was nothing short of spectacular.

Truly Grateful,

Bobby and Jean Landry

Boerne Texas Home Owner Testimonial Photo
Bobby and Jean Landry - Homeowner

We hired Campbell Brown Construction to build a casita for my father-in-law who moved from Arizona. The challenge was to add the new house next to our existing home and match the architecture. They did a wonderful job and it was a great experience. My father-in-law really loves his house and couldn’t be happier!

Boerne Texas Home Owner Testimonial Photo
Stephanie Schneider - Houzz Customer Review

If I were building a new home I would not hesitate to hire Campbell Brown Construction. They completed a remodel job for us, they designed and built an outdoor entertainment area, complete with a fabulous fireplace, new deck, and other stucco wall additions. Art and Craig were great to work with, they did all they could to deliver the highest quality job, always keeping budget in mind. I cannot say enough about this company, they are honest, trustworthy and completely knowledgable about every aspect of the building process.
Carla Roberts

Boerne Texas Home Owner Testimonial Photo
Carla Roberts

We just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work, persistence and patience in building our home.

Boerne Texas Home Owner Testimonial Photo
Brian & Kristin Hutchens, Homeowner

Campbell Brown was hired to build our new home and did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend Craig Campbell and Art Brown. Both Craig and Art worked hard to give us the home we would be proud of, and they exceeded our expectations. Attention to detail and sticking to a schedule were both important to us. Not only did they deliver the house ahead of schedule, they maintained the quality we had hoped for. “Outanding” is a word I have used often when asked about our homebuilder Campbell Brown.

Boerne Texas Home Owner Testimonial Photo
Curt Lundberg - Houzz Customer Review

We were fortunate enough to be referred to Campbell Brown & what a fabulous experience it was! Their attention to detail and their ability to build a great rapport with their customers is to be commended. If you’re looking for the best darn builder around give them a call – you won’t be disappointed! Simply the best!

Boerne Texas Home Owner Testimonial Photo
Vinson & Sherry Woodlee

We just moved into our home built by Campbell Brown Construction and we couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product. This is our third home to build and this experience exceeded our expectations in every way. The attention to detail and customer satisfaction was always considered and was impeccable. Craig and Art both are a pleasure to work with and their knowledge and professionalism is unsurpassed. The construction process was 5 months from start to move in and there was no compromise on the finished product. We have recommended them several times already and will continue to do so at every opportunity.

Boerne Texas Home Owner Testimonial Photo
Bob & jean Garcia